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Surgiva Sparkling

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Surgiva natural mineral water comes from the Adamello Brenta Natural Park in Trentino, Italy, located 1,134 metres above sea level. By nature, Surgiva is an extremely light water with a low mineral content and a neutral taste. Surgiva is an exceptionally pure water, as evidenced by its extremely low nitrate content. Surgiva water does not alter the taste of the food or other drinks served, which is why Surgiva is the official water of the Italian Sommelier Association. The content of solid residues in Surgiva water is only 0.041 g/l. This lightly mineralised water has a dry residue content of only 41 mg/l and is recommended for a low-sodium diet. Dry residue at a temperature of 180 °C is 41 mg/l. Very low mineral content and a pH value of 7.2. Sodium content (Na+) 1.9 mg/l. Spring water temperature 7.4 °C. Nitrate content (NO3-) 4.6 mg/l.
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