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Meet Prike’s drink experts

Sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration or knowledge to find the right drink!

Meet an integral part of the Prike team – our drink experts, who are passionate about the world of beverages and are dedicated to enhancing your experience

Wine expert Reinis Sniedze

wine expert

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Reinis has worn many hats, including roles as a restaurant manager and wine director. He remains committed to exploring and savouring the rich tapestry of wine culture. Reinis actively explores new wine houses, contributes to the activities of the Latvian Sommeliers Association, and orchestrates exquisite wine dinners.

Diageo Brand Ambassador Toms Remers

In the 21st century, our ever-evolving world of technology is mirrored by the transformation of the beverage and service industry. Toms, with more than a decade of experience in bars and restaurants, both in Latvia and beyond, recognizes the paramount importance of guest satisfaction. He understands that the perfect drink and its story should always complement the unique concept and circumstances. Although Toms has left the bar behind, he stays on the cutting edge of the latest drink trends, allowing him to bring fresh perspectives to various training sessions and events. From cocktail dinners that harmonize with chefs’ culinary creations to striking a balance between flavours and storytelling, Toms continues to explore the dynamic world of drinks.

Moët & Hennessy Brand Ambassador Oskars Vārenbergs

Oskar, a self-proclaimed drink enthusiast, is genuinely passionate about exploring the intricacies and histories of drinks. He has cultivated his expertise through experience in prestigious settings such as cocktail bars, five-star hotels, and upscale “fine dining” establishments. Oskar has delved into the nuances of whiskey at the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy, showcasing his mastery by clinching victories in multiple bartending competitions. As a perfectionist within his domain, Oskar firmly believes that each drink possesses its ideal moment and setting. He is eager to assist you in selecting the perfect drink and ensuring its presentation aligns seamlessly with the occasion.

Explore and Master the World of Drinks with Our Experts

Contact us to expand your knowledge of the beverage category or to master the art of crafting exceptional cocktails.

Wine Pairing and Custom Cocktail Menus

Our experts will guide you in pairing wines with your dinner menu and help you craft a tailored cocktail menu for your special events. We’ll also assist you in procuring the necessary beverages and deliver them right to your doorstep or event venue. Your journey into the world of exquisite drinks starts here!