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Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Second Skin

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New innovative packaging! Ruinart Second Skin – environmentally friendly packaging used instead of a gift box. This fully recyclable case* made from 100% paper is shaped like a bottle. This case is nine times lighter than its predecessor and has been manufactured without the use of air transport, which reduces the product's carbon footprint by 60%**. The product is manufactured exclusively in Europe, on the edge of a national park in the UK and in accordance with strict environmental requirements. The natural wood fibres used come from sustainably managed forests, and unique know-how has been used in the production of the material. The textured white case is reminiscent of Crayeres, while the shape of it perfectly emphasises the curves of the famous bottle designed in the 18th century. This new, beautiful case makes the art of gift-making more attractive and elegant than ever before.
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