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Pampero Seleccion

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Inspired by the craftsmen that had gone before him, Luis Figueroa, Pampero Maestro Blender with more than 30 years experience, created Pampero Seleccion as his vision of what a rum should be. He has created the most balanced of all favours, something that combines the very best of mixable and sipping rums. Our Ron Maestro, Luis used all his expertise to scour our “mother reserves” to hand select and blend ten Bourbon & Sherry aged rums (up to 8 years old). Pampero Seleccion is a unique fusion between the versatility of our younger rums and the complexity / structure of our most select rums. This combination together with the imagination and skill of our Ron Maestro, deliver a rum that is perfectly balanced. Excellent as a well-rounded & soulful neat drink, it also has the fexibility to add character and enhance any cocktail where a distinctive rum is called for.
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