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Belvedere Pure Lemon & Basil

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Despite the fact that the production of organic ingredients is more challenging, time-consuming, and expensive, Belvedere Organic Infusions use only 100% organically certified ingredients. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used in the cultivation and growing process. The organic certification ensures that all ingredients can be traced back to their origin. Using the maceration process, all ingredients are steeped in vodka, then distilled to enhance their fruit character, and then blended again with quadruple-distilled Polish rye vodka, creating a range of delicious vodkas that are crafted and bottled at the Belvedere distillery. Carefully selected organic-grown lemons, fresh basil essence, and elderflower aromas come together in the exceptional Belvedere Lemon, Basil & Elderflower vodka. Enjoy it with ice and tonic for a refreshing, simple, and tasty cocktail free of chemical additives or added sugar.
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