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Pampero Aniversario

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Having crafted an iconic rum “house” from humble beginnings, our founders, decided to pour all of their skills and knowledge into creating a rum to mark the 25th anniversary of its origin. Little did they know that almost 60 years later, that rum would be the most awarded their country would ever produce, having won more Gold and Double Gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any other Venezuelan rums. To craft this rum, our founders disrupted the usual way of rum making and added Ex-Sherry casks to the array of Ex-Bourbon barrels that were already used. Thus Pampero™ Aniversario is created from our “Exclusive Reserve”: our rarest, most complex rums. To honour this, we created one of the most distinctive bottles on the bar, wrapped in the history and story of the Llanero (Venezuelan Cowboy), our icon. Pampero™ Aniversario is an intense, mahogany coloured premium rum, designed to be sipped and savoured neat to enjoy and discover in each sip the complex pallet of aromas and flavours of wood, sherry, vanilla, caramel, dried fruits, orange skin and cocoa. However bartenders all over the world are discovering that there is a versatility to the rum that unlocks endless possibilities. It will mix brilliantly in any world class cocktail where it will add depth & flavour. Powerful and complex rum, woody, vanilla, raisin, sherry, cinnamon, dry fruity, sweet fruity, chocolate, tobacco and leather.
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