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J&B Rare

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J&B is a high quality and smooth-tasting whisky, perfect to drink mixed and enjoy your own way. Smooth and sweet in flavour, with a fresh, fruity taste of pear and apple. It concludes with a hint of vanilla, the sweetness of honey and a final touch of peat. It combines 42 carefully mixed malt and grain whiskies to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavour. The delicate balance gives J&B Rare its distinctive character: if we were to remove just one of the whiskies that make it up, you would notice the difference. This exquisite balance has become the distinctive feature of J&B Rare, making it the perfect gift for a gathering with friends. Created in 1749, J&B has an unexpected story: founded by an Italian, distilled by the Scottish and mixed by the English. Its unique and smooth mix makes J&B perfect for creating the best and most unexpected cocktails. Try it with ginger ale, mint, pink tonic or fizzy apple juice!
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