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Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or

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Glenmorangie is known for its excellent bouquet of aromas, but is also characterised by a special delicacy and lightness. The most important nuance in the development of taste is the selection of barrels, where bourbon whisky is previously stored. The Glenmorangie whisky distillery was one of the first to really dive into the selection of and experimentation with wood. A ‘post-finish’ procedure has been designed, which lies in the fact that, for the final years of the ageing process, the Nectar D’Or whisky is transferred into Sauternes wine barrels. The taste of whisky is kaleidoscopic – it changes during tasting, with new and unexpected nuances emerging. The aroma of the whisky is delicately sweet, with lingering dates, coconut and flowers. The taste is creamy with citrus and nuts, with a hint of spices and fruits. The aftertaste is long and multi-layered with vanilla, nutmeg, lemon.
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