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Finca Bacara Yeya Moscatel-Chardonnay

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Finca Bacara is a Spanish winery that stands out for its creativity. Every wine has its own story to tell. This wine represents the goddess of the ocean, who is a symbol of power and love. She is characterized by sea waves, which are a perfect combination of strength and softness. The texture of the wine is velvety, smooth and rich. Full of well-integrated acidity that brings freshness and elegance to the whole. An explosion of ripe Mediterranean fruit is perfectly blended with the typical Chardonnay flavor bouquet. The aroma is fruity, fresh and slightly creamy. Honeycomb, citrus and tropical fruits can be felt. The wine is made from two grape varieties: Chardonnay, which represents the power of a strong wave, and Moscatel, which represents the softness of waves.
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