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Captain Morgan White Rum

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The real taste of the Caribbean, Captain Morgan White Rum is made from the best quality Caribbean rums, distilled five times to achieve a medium-bodied, crisp and slightly sweet taste with notes of caramel and fruits. Its softness is achieved by ageing in white oak barrels. The taste has a slight sweetness of caramel, followed by notes of fruity raisin. Captain Morgan White Rum was awarded the title of ‘Best White Rum’ at the 2017 World Drink Awards. The face of the Captain Morgan brand is the real-life Captain Sir Henry Morgan, a 17th-century pirate who would make Jamaica the world's festivity capital. Today, his spirit lives on through our legendary rum drinks, perfect for any event. Fresh as a cool ocean breeze, Captain Morgan White Rum provides the perfect base for a variety of delicious rum cocktails. In order to enjoy the true taste of the Caribbean, try the classic Cuba Libre or the minty Mojito. For a delicious Captain Mojito, add sugar syrup, some lime and mint, and sparkling water.
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