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Ardbeg Uigeadail

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The whisky is named after the mysterious Loch Uigeadail in the high mountains above the Ardbeg in Scotland. The initially strong aroma of intensely spicy and at the same time exemplarily balanced whisky is a mixture of warm Christmas cake, walnut oil and violets, which mix with the freshness of the ocean and the smell of cedar and pine needles falling off the Christmas tree. Warmth is added by glowing smokiness, softened by the sweetness of toffee and chocolate-covered raisins. The addition of water makes the deep smokiness even more intense, reminiscent of the aroma of a Christmas pudding placed in the stove. The taste is initially reminiscent of a Christmas cake, where a waft of winter spices collides with the rich combination of honey glaze and sugar syrup. Deep smoky notes follow, reminiscent of a Montecristo cigar on the palate. The aftertaste is surprisingly long and perfectly balanced, combining notes of raisins and mocha coffee with rich smokiness.
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