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Soft drink

Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda

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Inspired by bartenders for bartenders, Three Cents tonics & sodas were produced to be used as ultimate mixers for cocktails and long drinks. Their all-natural substance and long-lasting fizziness soon elevated their reputation among consumers becoming a top soda beverage choice and a number one premium mixer for long drinks and cocktails. Koostisosad: karboniseeritud vesi, suhkur, sidrunhape, looduslik greip, looduslikud lõhna- ja maitseained, must porgandikontsentraat, puidukampoli glütseroolestrid. Toiteväärtus 100ml kohta: energia: 187kJ/46kcal; valke: 0g; süsivesikuid: 10,5g, millest suhkruid: 10,5g; rasvu: 0g, millest küllastunud: 0g; kiudained: 0g.
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